How to decorate your front porch

How to decorate your front porch



Large Sign 

I seem to see these in most stores, and most designs I've seen with them included looks amazing.  A 

large sign not your thing, a small sign is just as gorgeous.   



You can make a big splash by displaying garland over doors, windows, or stairway railings.  Some can 

only be used in covered outdoor areas, although you may find some for uncovered places.



You must have pumpkins, it's sorta a trademark of the season.  Rather large, medium, or large a 

pumpkin is an inexpensive way to decorate your porch.   For a fun trendy look try pumpkins topiary.

They are really easy to make or you can buy one from a discount store.  Pumpkins are the most popular 

way to decorate for the fall.  Pumpkins are a must. Several ideas can be found on youtube.


Chairs, Benches, and/or Pillows and Blankets

This may not be practical for every family, but if you love the outdoors you may want to think 

about this one. Even if you have a small porch you may want to think about this idea. There are many 

different sizes so outdoor seating maybe possible.  A great idea I saw was a basket used as a end table 

that held seasonal items and doubled as storage for the pillows and blankets. 



Another way to change your porch for the season is a mat.  Such a simple and inexpensive change can

really add to your front porch.  Several DYI tutorials can be found on youtube.



There's no better way to add a cozy and welcoming feeling an wreath on your front door.  A fall wreath 

is perfect for decorating after cooler days. Find a DYI autumn wreath on youtube. 



These ideas are great alone or in combination.  They can also be used on your deck or back porch.  


Whatever you decide....


 Happy fall.








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