Your guest room may not be the most used space in the home, but it certainly is important.  

It often times is a representation of how others view your home.  Guest may see a untidy 

room as a sign of how you keep the rest of your home.  So, it may be a good idea to pay 

some attention to this room.

Creating a special space for your close friends and family doesn’t have to take a huge 

budget.  In fact, some of the things you'll need, you already have. 


Below are items that are must-haves in a guest bedroom.


If you google cheap beds you should be able to find a bed within your budget. There is also 

discount stores and other odd places where you can secure a bed. One idea I heard of is 

taking a futon and a mattress in a box from target to get a budget-friendly comfy bed.

Ikea and Wayfair seems to be a great place to look for a budget-friendly bed. 



Make sure that bedding is clean and comfortable. You should have at least four pillows, 

more if you can afford it. Stores I suggest are Ross and TjMaxx.  Both normally have name-

brand sheets, pillows, and duvet covering.  



I think that pillows are a must-have. You would be surprise how much this matters.  

Discount stores will have deals on these. 



This should one of first things you tend to.  Your guest bedroom shouldn't be a dumping 

ground for all the things you don't use.  If you have this much stuff its time to sell or 

donate. No one wants to walk over your things to get around the room, quick way to a bad 


These are things that are good to have, but are not ALL of them are necessary:



Unless you want your guest to live out of their suitcase, have a place for guest to put their 

clothes away.  This means a clear closet or some what clear closet with a few hangers. This 

comes at little to no expense.    


This is always good to have. Guest need a place to put things on.  You can find cheap 

nightstands at most discount stores.  Facebook market place is a good place to look as well 

thrift stores, and other second hand stores.  It's always great if you have a close family 

member to get this from. Or you can look into a DYI project.

Wi-fi password written

Most guest need this. So I urge you to come up with a way to display the password, so 

guest don't have to ask you the password.  Guest hate asking for things.

Lots of Blankets

Different people are a custom to different temperatures.  This gives guest the ability to 

control there temperature.  Since this isn't a must have I would put a blanket in the room 

and pick up more whenever, I saw a deal on Blankets.


Guest may want to know the time without looking at their phone. 

Clean trashcan

Guest may want to... isn't it obvious. 


Make sure it's easy for your guest to find the lighting.  A simple table lamp is a quick fix.  

A ceiling fan is also nice, but make sure your guest know how to use it. 


Guest want need to see how they look.  

Plant and some art

This is another nice to have.  You may want some decorations in your guestroom

Throw pillows

Throw pillows are nice you can find some somewhat cheaply, these add to the decor of the room. 

Welcome Basket

This is just nice to have.  Just get a bowl or basket if you have one. You may fill this with 

water bottles and snacks.  You may want to even include other things you think they may 

need or like.  Go to the Dollar General to pick up these items.  This will enhance there stay 

and the quality of your guest bedroom.    




So,  now that you have learned these basic elements, you should be well on your way to creating a Guest bedroom that your friends and family should enjoy for many years to come.




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