You really don’t need to spend big bucks to make a functional closet.  A workable organizing system

 can cost nothing. It just takes some creativity and a little time.  Below are some ides to help you 

organize and hopefully not spend a fortune if anything at all.

1. Clean

When organizing your closet you will first need to clean your closet out.   You should divide your 

clothes into sections, such as seasons, clothes you wear often, clothes you want to donate. 

2.  Maximize your space with a closet system, or stacking drawers.

Start by shopping for affordable bins or baskets and easy-to-assemble closet systems with simple 

designs. If you are buying storage bins you should check out the many tutorials on making stacking 

drawers pretty.   Some Storage Organizers will do the job with little expense and you may find it not 

necessary to buy a closet system, although you can buy inexpensive ones. I would suggest you do an

internet search to find one to fit your budget. 

 3.  Create Zones

 Organize clothes by dress clothes, casual clothes.  You may organize them by shirt, pants, and dresses 

or even by color.   It literally cost nothing to do.


 4.  Be Realistic

Make an space for new arrivals and leave room for a little extra when first organizing.  Remember to

always give everything a home.It's easier to keep a closet neat if everything as a home.


5.  Organize Shoes

An inexpensive way to keep shoes organize is to keep them in the box, and label the box as to what's 

inside.  If you choose to do this there are DYI videos tutorials on how to decorate shoe boxes.  You can 

purchase a shower rod at the dollar store and install it to hold your shoes. If you're willing to spend a  

little money you can buy a shoe organizers for around $10 to $20.


6.  Label

Label all baskets and containers be sure to label everything clearly, so you know exactly where to find 

what you need.


7.  Use a bookcase

An old bookcase will give you the shelf space that is needed for no cost.  Add decorative shoe boxes or 

clothes dividers and you have created your system.


8. Add a dresser

If  you happen to have an old dresser hanging around this may be a great way to organize for no cost. 

I would check friends to see if they have an old dresser if you don't have one.  Otherwise you can get 

one at a thrift sore or a discount store to use.  

13. Make Room for a Hamper.

This is an easy way to keep your closet clean.  You may want to invest in a hanging hamper if floor 

space is valuable.  If you have a walk-in-closet a Folding Storage Ottoman Cube is a handy idea also, 

you will have a pretty box in  and as a bonus you can it as a chair.

14. Raise the Bar

Adding storage units and stacking drawers is great for storing clothes, but you'll have more room to 

hang stuff if choose to add an extra bar.  Now your clothes will be able to hang correctly... therefore 

minimizing wrinkles that  can form in confined spaces.


































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